Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Green Power to support MAEOE

I wanted to send you a note with information about the new company I have joined, Viridian Energy. We are adding value to all BGE and PEPCO customers by saving you money every month on your utility bills. With energy deregulation we all have the right to choose our energy supplier and Viridian Energy is the low cost energy provider with a focus of delivering at least 20% renewable energy. It is very easy and safe to become a customer and start saving immediately. There is no downside to switching and BGE/PEPCO still provides all the emergency service, billing and maintenance on the system. In fact, BGE and PEPCO are encouraging people to switch suppliers and save money. The reason I chose Viridian Energy to partner with is because it’s free to switch, much cheaper then BGE/PEPCO, good for the environment and requires no contracts or obligations at all. Viridian Energy also co-bills with BGE/PEPCO as an approved supplier.

In short, nothing changes except you save money and support renewable energy. It is pretty simple. Please take 3 minutes on my website www.viridian.com/maeoe and become a customer (you will need your BGE /PEPCO bill for the account number). Viridian is significantly less then BGE/PEPCO and saving money is very significant for all of us. The monthly savings will vary as per the difference between our rate and the rate of the utility. We offer a variable rate which is the most efficient way to purchase energy supply over the course of the year. Switching is totally free to do, yet most Maryland residents and small commercial customers don’t understand how energy deregulation benefits them and still continue to pay the highest BGE/PEPCO retail rates. It is literally like throwing money out the window. Viridian Energy is “Power with Purpose”. Thank you for taking the time to switch and save!!! Please feel free to call me with any questions and please tell other family and friends about Viridian Energy and send them my link. They will thank you for years to come…

See you soon and have a great summer!!!

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