Thursday, October 27, 2011

MAEOE Welcomes Stacy Bond

MAEOE is excited to host Chesapeake Conservation Corp volunteer, Stacy Bond!

Stacy is one of 21 young adults who make up the 2011-2012 class of Chesapeake Conservation Corps (CCC) Volunteers. Modeled after the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps programs, CCC volunteers are matched with watershed groups, non-profit organizations and government agencies for one year. They work on a variety of programs in Maryland all striving to restore the health and balance of the Chesapeake Bay.

“We are very pleased to have been selected to host a second CCC Volunteer. The volunteers in this program are committed and bring experience that benefits the organizations in which they work. They are our future leaders,” stated Laura Johnson Collard, MAEOE Executive Director.

Volunteers spend the year involved in Bay restoration and environmental education. Stacy will work to increase the number of Green Schools in Maryland. Stacy will focus on areas of the state where participation in the program is low.

The MAEOE Maryland Green Schools Program encourages students to help their schools and the local community with hands on environmental issue investigation and environmental best management practices.

Stacy will be mentoring schools in Baltimore City, Prince Georges County and the Eastern Shore. When asked what motivated her to apply to the program, “I am eager to develop hands on experience in Environmental Education. The CCC program was a perfect fit for my career goals and an amazing opportunity in this difficult economy. This program has awarded me an opportunity to apply my undergraduate and graduate coursework knowledge to hands on opportunities at individual schools.”

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm at the NAAEE conference with hundreds of interesting EE professionals from the US, Canada, Mexico and Japan. Yes, NAAEE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Japanese Association of Environmental Education. I have enjoyed the day thoroughly, from the Affiliates workshop to the New Members welcome to the Opening Ceremony. Here are some Highlights from the Keynote speach: Jean Beasley, Sea Hospital says 'Our planet is like a woven cloth, as we lose threads, the cloth weakens. Balloons, Longline Fishing, Trash in the Ocean keep the Sea Hospital busy. Sea Hospital Protects, heals and encourages. Volunteers support the work of the Sea Hospital. The Climate is always changing says a young person talking with Jean, Yes, what we have is acceleration of climate change. We need to get people to connect with the reality of environmental challenges..that will motivate their own thinking to do something. The POWER of Environmental Education is making the connection. The power of connections - business - children - elderly - environmental educators - WE can make a difference together.' Registration for the MAEOE conference should be going live by the end of October. A great opportunity for networking, sharing and growing.