Monday, September 28, 2009

“Turning a New Leaf “ Conference - Dec. 4

Friday, December 4, 2009
George Washington University
Washington, D.C.

This conference brings together landscaping professionals, policy makers and educators to learn and share information about sustainable landscaping practices in the Chesapeake Bay region.

The Honorable Anthony Williams will open the conference talking about D.C.’s green initiatives. Concurrent sessions will cover sustainable design, selling green, getting it done with local governments, and urban ecology and new technologies.

Eric Eckl, founder of Water Words that Work will close the conference with a talk on “The World Outside: What They Say About Why Your Work Matters."

Register before November 1 and pay only $95. Registration after November 1 is $105.

The one-day conference includes an Eco-Marketplace, educational displays, continental breakfast, lunch, snacks and afternoon reception. Join us for this unique conference that seeks to promote sustainable landscaping and form new partnerships that will lead to a more beautiful and healthier environment for everyone.

Presented by the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council and George Washington University’s Landscape Design Program.

Visit for details and registration information.

General Information:
Sylvan Kaufman
410-634-2847 ext. 41

Register Now!
Space is limited this year!

Friday, September 25, 2009

2009 Solar Decathlon: Oct. 9-18

The Solar Decathlon is a biennial competition where 20 teams of university students from around the world develop fully-functional houses that draw all their energy from the sun.

After spending two years developing their homes, the students ship their partially completed homes to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., finish building the homes, and then compete in 10 contests that measure the team's skills in architecture, home design, and communications. The solar homes must produce enough electricity and hot water to perform all the normal functions of a home, including powering the lights and home electronics, washing clothes and dishes, showering, and cooking, all while maintaining a comfortable temperature. Teams can also earn bonus points if their homes produce a surplus of electricity.

The event will be open to the public on October 9-13 and 15-18. For more information, visit

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

2009 Oh Deer! Environmental Forum

The Cacapon Institute is currently enrolling high school classes in the upcoming Oh Deer! Environmental Forum. Students participating in the Environmental Forum explore the science and societal impacts of regional conservation issues that are relevant to their lives. In Oh Deer! students study the impacts of deer overpopulation in the context of ecosystem balance, land management, economic impacts, and watershed protection. They then challenge one another across the internet to find socially acceptable consensus-based solutions to this complex environmental problem.

From science to agriculture to social studies, the eForum can be used to develop 21st Century technology skills. The role play as stakeholders is the basis for a Project Based Learning activity to engage students in core curriculum content or a Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience around forest protection for watershed health.

The eForum is an opportunity for environmental organizations to engage students in their issues and mission. Cacapon Institute invites conservation organization to use Oh Deer! as a platform to engage high school youth in local stewardship issues. Consider recruiting a teacher and mentoring a class as they explore the science and politics of deer management to reduce forest degradation and protect agricultural income. The lesson is completely prepared, free of charge, and ready to use “off the shelf” by clicking on the phone in our internet-based Potomac Highlands Watershed School. Please share this invitation with interested organization, schools, and teachers.

To sign up a class follow the Environmental Forum link and scroll to the bottom. If you are interested in participating, can recommend a school to participate, or would like additional information, please contact Frank Rodgers at (304) 856-1385 or by email at

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

D.C. Metro Area Solar Homes Tour: Oct. 3-4

The D.C. Sierra Club, along with the Virginia Solar Council and Potomac Region Solar Energy Industry Association volunteers, are hosting their 19th annual D.C. metro area solar homes tour on October 3 and 4 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., which will also include sites throughout Maryland.

Over 60 solar-powered homes will highlight a variety of passive design, technology and sustainable living concepts, including photovoltaic and solar hot water systems, radiant heat, energy-efficient appliances, and energy-saving building construction techniques. Additional homes can be viewed in our Takoma Park Green Homes “tour within a tour.” Many homeowners also will be demonstrating their energy and water conservation measures, recycling and composting procedures, and their fuel-efficient or alternative energy vehicles. Also, a self-guided bike tour is planned for some homes in Frederick and Washington Counties.

Details are available on the solar tour website ( The tour guide can be downloaded for free after September 13 or purchased for a tax-deductible $5 from participating outlets, such as all local REI stores.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Recycle Bottle Caps?!?!?!?!

If you are like me you've been recycling for years, however, how frustrated are you that you can't recycle the tops to all those plastic bottle tops? Well, now you can! Check out to see how you can incorporate this project into your school's recycling program.

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