Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NASA in your classroom, and it's FREE!!!!

NASA Let’s the Sun Shine In!
Let NASA take over your classroom for the day! Teachers in the Washington D.C./Metro area and southern Pennsylvania are eligible for a visit from an Solar Dynamics Observatory educator or scientist. Your students will learn about solar clocks, Earth's place in the solar system, electricity and magnetism, the electromagnetic spectrum, and the Doppler effect. Visits are free, they include all supplies for the activity, and can be customized for each teacher. So click here to register and invite NASA to your classrooms: http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/epo/educators/ambassador.php

Monarch workshop in Baltimore County

Monarchs on the Move for Educators. Come learn about the monarch butterfly fall migration to Mexico, practice your tagging technique and discuss how to incorporate the experience into your curriculum. September 4, 1:30-3. No fee for teachers. Call 410-887-2503 for reservations. Cromwell Valley Park in Baltimore County.

Volunteers can now sign up for the annual International Coastal Cleanup (organized globally by the Ocean Conservancy) with dozens of cleanup events in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Cleanups are held between September 1 and October 31 on the coast and on inland waterways. The International Coastal Cleanup is the world's largest volunteer effort devoted to remove plastic and other trash from our waterways. Go to www.signuptocleanup.org to find your local cleanup event, or to signup to lead a cleanup in your community. Businesses, schools, civic organizations and churches are encouraged to participate.

See More: http://www.signuptocleanup.org

Art Auction for EE

THE PATUXENT RIVER 4-H CENTER “Bringing the environment to our children” ... Artwork provided by MD DNR Please join us at the auction to support The Patuxent River 4-H Center in their environmental education efforts. Saturday, November 13, 2010 $5.00 Admission Doors open at 5:00 pm ● Silent Auction begins @ 6:00 pm ● Live Auction begins @ 7:00 pm ● The Patuxent River 4-H Center Foundation, Inc.18405 Queen Anne Road Upper Marlboro MD 20774 ● (301) 218-3079 ● Email prfourhc@umd.edu

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Part time MAEOE job

Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education

Scope of Work:
Registration/Conference Assistant

Term: October 4, 2010 – February 15, 2011

Hours: 16 hours per week from October 4-February 9 and February 14-15. Expectation of being present full-time during the conference February 10-13, 2011.

Hourly rate: $12 - $15 per hour, depending on skill level of applicant.

Where: The incumbent will work out of the MAEOE headquarters in Jessup, Maryland.

Duties: Primary responsibility is to coordinate on line and paper registration for the 2011 MAEOE conference and to staff/coordinate the registration table during the conference. This includes, but is not limited to:

1. Answer questions about registration and the conference.
2. Set up registration website. Knowledge of Avectra software a plus.
3. Work with the database for all registrations.
4. Provide reports on numbers of participants to the Conference co-chairs and committee.
5. Coordinate registration packets.
6. Prepare name tags for approximately 700 participants.
7. Staff the registration table at the conference and coordinate volunteers to help staff the registration table.

Skills needed:
Good phone and interpersonal skills. Good working ability with databases. This position reports directly to the Executive Director.

Deadline: September 17, 2010.

Please send resume and cover letter to:

Bronwyn Mitchell
7761 Waterloo Road
Jessup, Maryland 20794

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Call for Presentations

The Maryland Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education presents its

26th Annual Conference

“Educating for Sustainability”


February 10-13, 2011

UMUC Marriott Inn and Conference Center – College Park, MD


The annual MAEOE conference is a venue where the leaders in the field come to share their strategies, methods, and best practices with their colleagues. All environmental and outdoor education professionals are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentations, workshops, roundtables and field experiences for the 2011 MAEOE Annual Conference to be held February 10-13, 2011 in College Park, Maryland. Abstracts must be received by September10,2010 for consideration. Please utilize the online application form for submissions. The conference is designed to build the capacity of those working in the multi-faceted and dynamic field of environmental education. Over 700 formal and non-formal educators from more than 400 organizations, agencies, centers and schools are anticipated to participate in this – the nation’s largest and most respected statewide environmental education conference.

For More Information about MAEOE, the conference and environmental education in Maryland, please visit MAEOE online at www.maeoe.org. Specific questions regarding presentation applications may be sent to conference@maeoe.org.

2011 Conference Strands

While a presentation may address more than one strand, only the primary focus area is needed.

Strand One: Natural History and Natural Sciences
These sessions should increase participant’s understanding of the composition and function of the natural world. Topics could include, but are not limited to, a focus on conservation, preservation, human history, life sciences – botany, entomology, ecology, etc., and geosciences – geology, meteorology, etc. Past conference evaluations indicate that many attendees are looking for advanced topics to build their skill sets in working with people in an outdoor setting. Traditionally, this is one of the most popular strands with conference attendees.

Strand Two: Hot Button Topics
These sessions will encourage critical thinking and issue awareness by providing opposing viewpoints on contentious “hot button” topics, challenging participants to look at current environmental issues from all angles and perspectives. Topics could include environmental health, environmental justice, alternative energy, climate change, diversity, and appropriate educational methods designed to develop critical thinking skills in students.

Strand Three: Embracing STEM: Using Environmental Education as a vehicle for learning science, technology, engineering, and math
These sessions should teach participants innovative ways to infuse technology into environmental education and/or field experiences – including ways to use popular software, web applications, geographic information systems, hand-held GPS units, traditional microscopy, and micro computer based labs, (PASCO, Vernier, etc.) Of high interest are activities that engage students in relevant and critical real world issues.

Strand Four: Working Toward Sustainability
These sessions explore issues, trends, and knowledge related to environmental literacy and stewardship and will focus on ways to engage, excite, and empower students of all ages by increasing their understanding of the natural world and how individual actions impact the environment, both positively and negatively. Topics should include sustainable agriculture, best management practices, composting, pollution prevention, urban green spaces, energy alternatives, consumerism, “green” design or living, ecological footprints and related issues. Projects, modules, and curriculum materials that are designed to build skills and develop students’ knowledge of the environment and important issues would be of special interest to participants.

Strand Five: Environmental Education in Urban Settings
These sessions will help teachers develop effective methods for reaching urban students by tapping into the rich experiences, cultural customs, and practical skills sets unique to urban students. Emphasis should be on topics that urban students will consider to be "real," such as air pollution, solid waste management, water pollution, impervious surfaces, noise pollution, light pollution, displacement of species, environmental health issues, poverty, transportation, habitat fragmentation, and habitat restoration. Sessions in this strand should also help attendees to develop the skills needed to reach culturally diverse groups of students as well as engage their communities in action projects.

Strand Six: Environmental Advocacy: Turning the Tide
These sessions focus on research, resources, courses, programs and techniques designed to build the capacity of formal and non-formal teachers to integrate the environment into all subject areas while seamlessly meeting national and state standards. Sessions will incorporate specific outdoor teaching techniques, projects (both nature and curriculum related), evaluation procedures, and other successful methods of outdoor instruction. Past participants have expressed specific interest in sessions that address integration of EE into the Arts. Also in this strand would be sessions on successful methods for developing skills and knowledge in others, especially when advocating for EE with school administrators, community leaders, and elected officials. This strand may lend itself to roundtable or panel type discussions.

Strand Seven: Environmental Health and Justice
Everyone, regardless of income, race, religion, or occupation, has a right to live, work, learn, play and pray in a healthy community. Unfortunately, the distribution of environmental goods and harms are not distributing equally. Environmental Health and Justice links health science to social rights, justice and equity. Environmental health and justice concerns fall into many categories. For example

* A neighborhood fighting the construction of an industrial landfill
* Farm workers seeking ways to reduce exposure to pesticides
* Native Americans fighting for land rights
* Soaring asthma rates
* Lead exposure in water and housing
* Rights to clean air and water

This strand explores the current status and trends of environmental health and justice issues facing Maryland, will introduce you to the people and organizations working within the environmental health and justice field, and provide you with knowledge and resources to integrate environmental health and justice issues into your programming.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rain Garden Workshop - Harford County 9/25/10

Dig native plants? Learn how to create a rain garden, the benefits of using native plants, how to create a wildlife habitat, and the proper use of rain barrels. Also explore “bayscaping” or landscaping that benefits local streams and rivers. Have an opportunity to tour the new rain garden at the Abingdon library in Harford County.

Abingdon Library on September 25 from 10:30 – 12:30

2510 Tollgate Road

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MAEOE Seminars and Webinars

Exciting things are on the environmental education horizon, and Maryland Green Schools are helping to blaze a trail to environmental literacy. The Maryland Green School Program is not static. Input and feedback from educators, students, and partners, as well as internal reviews are combined with the ever-changing external landscape of current events to guide updates and improvements to the Maryland Green School Program – while always maintaining program integrity, focus and intent.

To help keep you up to date, MAEOE is hosting two informational seminars and three webinars designed for you to:

* Find out what's new for Green Schools (MDGS) in 2011.

* Learn about innovative fund raising opportunities.*

* Get feedback from Maryland Green School experts.

* Tour MAEOE's Green Office Building (not included in webinar).

* As the umbrella organization for the environmental education community in Maryland, MAEOE works to break down barriers to the effective implementation of environmental education. These barriers take many forms. However, one of the most common challenges faced by educators is a lack of funding.

MAEOE believes that it has found an innovative way to raise funds to support increased professional development, field trips, and best management practices associated with Maryland Green School Program. This fundraising program, while new to Maryland, has been helping non-profit organizations and schools throughout Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. It has just become available to nonprofit organizations in Maryland, and has already been embraced by a number of nonprofit organizations such as Maryland Public Television, Towson University and of course, MAEOE. The best part – and there are many – of this program is that it requires little time commitment, yet can generate significant revenue. There is nothing to sell or track – and no grant forms/reports to prepare.


• Save a significant amount of money each month on their electricity! (The average customer will save $20 per month!)

• Significantly reduce their carbon footprint and therefore help the environment! (Use more renewable energy!)

• Stay with BGE or Pepco for repair, maintenance, and emergencies!

• Still just get one bill -- from BGE or Pepco!

Our Seminar Schedule:

Thursday, August 19th
1st Meeting: 10:00 AM
2nd Meeting: 2:00 PM

MAEOE Office located within the ENVIRO CENTER
7761 Waterloo Road
Jessup, MD 20794

Our Webinar Schedule:

Tuesday, August 24th
Time: 10:00 AM

Wednesday, August 25th
Time: 2:00 PM

Thursday, August 26th
Time: 5:00 PM

Please contact the MAEOE office at 443-733-1220 for information on how to register.

Green Power to support MAEOE

I wanted to send you a note with information about the new company I have joined, Viridian Energy. We are adding value to all BGE and PEPCO customers by saving you money every month on your utility bills. With energy deregulation we all have the right to choose our energy supplier and Viridian Energy is the low cost energy provider with a focus of delivering at least 20% renewable energy. It is very easy and safe to become a customer and start saving immediately. There is no downside to switching and BGE/PEPCO still provides all the emergency service, billing and maintenance on the system. In fact, BGE and PEPCO are encouraging people to switch suppliers and save money. The reason I chose Viridian Energy to partner with is because it’s free to switch, much cheaper then BGE/PEPCO, good for the environment and requires no contracts or obligations at all. Viridian Energy also co-bills with BGE/PEPCO as an approved supplier.

In short, nothing changes except you save money and support renewable energy. It is pretty simple. Please take 3 minutes on my website www.viridian.com/maeoe and become a customer (you will need your BGE /PEPCO bill for the account number). Viridian is significantly less then BGE/PEPCO and saving money is very significant for all of us. The monthly savings will vary as per the difference between our rate and the rate of the utility. We offer a variable rate which is the most efficient way to purchase energy supply over the course of the year. Switching is totally free to do, yet most Maryland residents and small commercial customers don’t understand how energy deregulation benefits them and still continue to pay the highest BGE/PEPCO retail rates. It is literally like throwing money out the window. Viridian Energy is “Power with Purpose”. Thank you for taking the time to switch and save!!! Please feel free to call me with any questions and please tell other family and friends about Viridian Energy and send them my link. They will thank you for years to come…

See you soon and have a great summer!!!

Teacher Workshops


10901 Scarlet Tanager Loop, Laurel, MD 20708-4027
301-497-5763 or 301-497-5898 Fax: 301-497-5765 TTY: 301-497-5779 http://patuxent.fws.gov

Maryland public school teachers can receive one credit for attending a specific combination of workshops. These workshops are designed to help teachers meet the Maryland State Outcomes.


We reserve the right to cancel any workshops due to lack of participants or inclement weather.

Teachers will learn the logistics of planning and scheduling a visit and will discover how to use the “Wisdom of Wildness” exhibits to reinforce classroom curricula. This course is also designed to help teachers meet the Maryland Voluntary State Outcomes and the National Science Education Standards. (Teachers who plan to schedule field trips to the National Wildlife Visitor Center are strongly encouraged to attend an orientation workshop)

Workshop Dates: Saturday September 11, 2010

Teachers will learn about hands-on-curriculum and outdoor activities that can be used to integrate wetlands into the curricula. All participants will receive a workbook with over 50 hands-on activities for grades K-12 plus valuable information on teaching strategies with wetland themes.

Workshop Date: Saturday, October 2, 2010

Teachers will learn how to use interdisciplinary curricula for grades K-8 that use forests as a window on the world to better understand natural and man-made environments.

Workshop Date: Saturday, October 9, 2010

Teachers will discover exciting teaching ideas for use in science, math, social studies, physical education, music, and art. All participants will receive interdisciplinary curricula for grades K-12.

Workshop Date: Saturday, October 23, 2010

Please call 301-497-5898 to register. Provide your name, the name of your school, the grade that you teach and a phone number where you can be reached. Space is limited – please register early. Bring a lunch or snack. Please advise us of any special needs in advance so that we can accommodate you. Note: Dress for indoor and outdoor activities. The $15.00 workshop fee for each workshop may be paid in cash or a check written to FRIENDS OF PATUXENT.

DIRECTIONS: The National Wildlife Visitor Center is located off Powder Mill Road, between the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and Route 197, south of Laurel, Maryland. Visit http://patuxent.fws.gov

Monday, August 9, 2010

Shop at Whole Foods and support MAEOE!!!

September 22 · 7:00am - 9:00pm
Location All Whole Foods Stores in Maryland

Plan to shop at Whole Foods on September 22, 2010. 5% of all sales will be donated to MAEOE in support of Maryland Green Schools. Please help spread the word.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Become a MAEOE member for less $$$$

MAEOE is celebrating its 25th Anniversary by offering new members a discount when they join before September 30, 2010.

The times, fashions, technologies and administrations have changed since MAEOE was founded in 1985, but MAEOE remains grounded in its mission of service to you – the environmental and outdoor education professional. MAEOE’s job is to strengthen the profession and the professional. We do that by enforcing standards of professional practice, conducting research, providing educational programs, acting as a source of information, advocacy, and a community of colleagues. By becoming a member, you are helping to ensure that MAEOE’s next 25 years are as bright as its first.

To help celebrate its 25th Anniversary, renewing memberships will be offered at an Anniversary Rate of $25 (normally $30)

Individual Membership Discount Code: NEW25-IND-NEW (case sensitive - apply during checkout)

NOTES About Using the New Online Membership System: After selecting the membership level, adding to cart and proceeding to checkout, you will be directed to login to the system before completing the transaction. When signing in, please use the email address to which this message was sent as your username. The default starter password is Password1 (case sensitive). Once signed in, you may navigate your way to your personal profile and update any and all contact information. It is important to make sure that the billing address selected during checkout is associated with the credit card being used. You may have to enter this information because the system has your office address on file and not your home address or vice versa. Having difficulties? Please feel free to contact me by email at director@maeoe.org or by phone at (443) 733-1220. To pay by check, email director@maeoe.org for a paper form.

This is a limited time offer valid only from through September 30, 2010.MAEOE is a recognized 501c3 organization. Membership to MAEOE is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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