Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stipend Volunteers are sought for the Chesapeake Conservation Corps

The Chesapeake Bay Trust is proud to announce the second year of a new partnership with the State of Maryland and Constellation Energy to establish a Chesapeake Conservation Corps Program. The purpose of the Corps is 1) to enable stipend volunteers to work with host organizations and communities throughout Maryland to implement on-the-ground restoration and energy conservation projects, and 2) to provide leadership and training opportunities for young adults pursuing environmental and conservation careers. Corps volunteers will work on projects in the realms of watershed restoration, energy conservation, agriculture, forestry, and environmental education. Over 40 placement possibilities at non-profit and government organizations across Maryland exist and can be viewed at www.cbtrust.org/chesapeakeconservationcorps. At least 16 Corps Volunteers will be placed.

Applications for CORPS VOLUNTEERS, ages 18-25, are currently being solicited, with a deadline of May 20, 2011. Successful Corps Volunteer applicants will be matched with Host Organizations by the end of June, with the one-year service term to begin on August 29, 2011. Corps Volunteers will receive a stipend of $19,000 for the year of service. In light of the Trust’s commitment to the advancement of diversity in its environmental work, the Trust strongly encouraged applications from Host Organizations and now encourages applications from Volunteers that increase awareness and participation of people and communities of color in natural resource restoration and protection.

More information and application materials can be found at www.cbtrust.org/chesapeakeconservationcorps.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Logo

In case you didn't see it at the conference, MAEOE has a new logo! We worked hard to come up with a design that, while embracing the feel of our original logo, could also be used to help identify our many programs as being part of MAEOE. Keep your eye out for the new logo to be popping up all over Maryland's Environmental Programs :)

Pictures from the 2011 Conference

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