Sunday, January 8, 2012

Maryland Releases Online Application for National Green Ribbon Schools Award Program

Inspiring schools to achieve 21st Century excellence, the Green Ribbon Schools award will recognize schools that have achieved, or are making demonstrable progress toward:

1) having a net-zero environmental impact;

2) improving the health and performance of students and staff;

3) ensuring the environmental and sustainability literacy of all the students

These three "Pillars" of the Green Ribbon Schools Award will serve as guideposts to make schools more productive, enriching, and efficient.

Maryland Green Ribbon Schools Application

In collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), the Maryland application is available through the link below.

In order to complete this application, each school will need to collect extensive data about the school's facility, health and safety policies, food service, and environmental and sustainability curriculum. Links to resources are provided throughout the application, each opening in a new browser window. The application will be completed and submitted electronically, but a PDF (see attached), for planning purposes may be distributed to any staff member assisting in compiling the information requested in the application. (Note that the resource links in the PDF are not active.) As information is added to the survey, it may be saved and continued at a later time.


The completed application is due on, or before, February 27, 2012. MSDE will review the applications and nominate up to four schools to the USDE, one of which must be a non-public school. After reviewing the state nominees, the USDE will notify winners in April, 2012, and announce the details of the awards ceremonies to be held in Washington, DC.

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