Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Environmental Concern has so much to offer!

Let Environmental Concern be your one stop shop for all your wetland educational needs. From in-class wetland adventures, in the muck wetland field trips to wetland presentations and educational resources, we have what it takes to bring wetland education to the next level no matter where you are located!

EC’s Wetland on Wheels has transformed into the Wetland on Wheels: Classroom Edition!

Let Environmental Concern compliment your existing science and watershed curriculum with Watershed Adventures at your School.

An EC Wetland Educator will travel to your site to teach interactive wetland and watershed focused lessons. Students will experience the exciting world of wetland habitats without having to leave your building. Select from our K-5th grade curriculum correlated to the MD, VA, and DE state curriculum standards.

Wetland Charm: Kindergarten

Students will learn about wetlands and their importance through a craft.

Plants Make a Wetland: Grade 1

Students will study wetland plants and their parts through stories and hands-on activities.

Wetlands and Birds: Grade 2

Students will focus on wetland birds and their adaptations through hands-on activities.

What’s the Matter?: Grade 3

Students will trace energy as it changes forms, and moves up and down the Wetland food chain.

Diversity of Life: Grade 4

Students will explore the adaptations that plants and animals have developed that allow them to survive in wetlands.

Cause and Effect: Grade 5

Students will investigate how wetlands affect water quality by testing and comparing water quality results.

Available from September-April at schools in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC and Delaware. Call now to reserve your adventures today!

Duration: Half and full day options, from 3 to 8 classes per day.

EC provides:

· K-5 curriculum correlated to the MD, VA, and DE state curriculum standards.

· Fun, interactive wetland lessons and activities led by a skilled Wetland Educator.

· Pre and post student assessments.

· Curriculum materials for your use before and after the visit.

The school provides:

· A standard sized (or larger) classroom space (some programs will require tables).

· Schedule of classes (including, times, participant #s and grades) at least 2 business days prior to programs.

· Teacher or chaperone must stay with each class.

Cost: Less than $2 per student, plus mileage depending on location and selections.

Close enough to enjoy a St. Michael’s field trip? Environmental Concern offers many field-based action lessons.

Wetland Adventure: Introduces students to wetlands while focusing on the concept of watersheds, human and wildlife connections, and wetland adaptations. Program compares several wetlands with fun interactive activities. The adventure doesn’t stop once it gets cold. Contact us about winter programs.

Age: Grades 3 - 5

Duration: 3 - 4 hrs

Cost: $10/participant

Aquatic Adventure: Introduces students to wetland ecology focusing on the concepts of biodiversity and interrelatedness using a comparative study of chemical, physical, and biological water quality indicators collected from salt and fresh marsh systems.

Age: Grades 6 - 10

Duration: 5 - 6 hrs

Cost: $12/participant

Wetland Survivor: This program puts physical, mental, and strategic limits to the test. Participants must rely on their wetland knowledge as they compete in field-day style challenges which introduce them to the functions and values of wetlands. This is a perfect match for a summer camp, field day at schools or Scout and Youth groups!

Age: Grades 4 - 8

Duration: 1/2 day (3hrs) or 1 day (6 hrs)

Cost: $12/participant-3hr $15/participant-6hr

Find Your Muse in the Marsh: Learn about marshes and leave with masterpieces. Students study the Chesapeake Bay through the creation of fun wetland art.

Age: Grades 6 –12

Duration: 3hr

Cost: $10/participant

Scout Programs - Interest Projects, Try-Its and Badges: Our programs engage scouts in wetland activities which help them develop environmental awareness skills that will allow them to complete Interest Project Awards. EC patches available.

Age: Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes and Seniors

Duration: 3 - 6 hrs

Cost: $10 - $12/participant

Educational Resources: Look no further… need materials for your wetland unit, program or just something to get your students excited about learning?

Wetland 101 Travelling Trunk: Our lending resource is the perfect supplement for your water related curriculum. The trunk offers skulls, tracks, videos, books, Wetlands 101 PowerPoint, wetland information and more. Also included is the WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands Curriculum Guide for you to keep. For rent to schools and organizations.

Ages: Grades K-6

Duration of rental: Two weeks

Cost: $75 plus shipping and handling

WOW! Activity Trunk: This lending resource is designed for educators interested in borrowing WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands Activity materials for a wetland unit or for WOW! Facilitators leading a workshop. Trunk includes material sets of ready-to-use WOW! activities to lead over 17 of our most popular activities including Wetland in a Pan, Do You Dig Wetland Soil?, Wetland Habitats and more. For rent to WOW! Facilitators, schools or organizations.

Ages: Kindergarten-Adults

Duration of rental: One week

Cost: $50 plus shipping and handling

WOW! Facilitator Kits: Wish you had WOW! activity materials, but don’t have the time to make them? Let EC make your favorite WOW! Activity Kits for you. 12 different kits are available. Each includes all the necessary materials for up to 30 participants. Kits can be used again and again. Kit descriptions can be found at www.wetland.org

Age: Student-Adults

Cost: $15-$45 (varies per kit) plus shipping and handling

Wetland Charm Kits: This wetland activity for elementary students uses charm ingredients to represent the key components and functions of a wetland. Charms are made with special glitter confetti and discussed by students, challenging them to make connections to wetlands. Charm kits come with instructions, talking points and materials to create a wetland necklace for 30 participants.

Age: Elementary level

Cost: $10.00 ea. plus shipping and handling

For more information on COW programs, field trips, trunk rentals, kits, educational wetland cds, charm orders or to receive a brochure with a complete list of programs available please contact Environmental Concern at 410-745-9620 or visit us online at www.wetland.org

Katelin Mielke Frase

Wetland Educator

Environmental Concern

P.O Box P., 201 Boundary Lane

St. Michaels, MD 21663

410-745-9620 – phone

410-745-3517 – fax

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john said...

It's good that we have started to give environmental management training to the young ones. I wish I had some kind of environmental training when I was still younger so I would know today on what are the things that I can do and shouldn't do to help with the environmental problems.