Friday, January 13, 2012

Governor Martin O’Malley Announces Nearly $23 Million in Funding for State Park Improvements which will support Outdoor Classrooms to Support MD Envir

This morning, January 13, 2012, Governor O’Malley announced nearly $23 Million in funding for State Park Improvements to direct green projects, capital improvements and the creation of an anticipated 300 new jobs. The proposal to the FY2013 capital budget will support energy efficient upgrades, storm water management improvements, better natural play areas for children and sustainable trails for students and families. The States parks will also serve as outdoor classrooms to support Maryland’s environmental literacy requirements .

Under the leadership of Governor O’Malley, the Maryland Park Service has set a commitment to “green” its 66 state parks as models of sustainability and conservation best practices. To date, strategic actions have focused on energy improvements, new state-of-the-art green building design and construction, sustainable trails and recycling, as well as environmental restoration to reforest and improvements to storm water management improvements to help the Bay. MAEOE is excited about this announcement to enhance green infrastructure, recreation and outdoor learning spaces, which will make parks more accessible for families and students.

Full details from the event are at:

Proposed FY ’13 Park Improvement Projects(in millions)
Green Park Projects (Enhancements)
Project Title Cost
Assateague State Park – Green Bathhouse Renovations $2.10
North Point State Park – Pier Replacement and Shore Erosion
Control $1.91
Sandy Point State Park – Green Infrastructure Improvements $1.70
State Parks – New Natural Playgrounds $1.40
Point Lookout State Park – Parking Lot Improvements $0.95
State Parks – Green Cabin Renovations $0.90
Total (in millions) $8.96

Additional Park Improvement Projects (Enhancements)
Project Title Cost
Sandy Point State Park – Boat Ramp Area Improvements $2.50
Rocky Gap State Park – Office Renovations $0.77
State Parks – Removal of Impermeable Surface $0.54
Point Lookout State Park – Lighthouse Complex Renovations $0.40
Wellington Wildlife Management Area – Office Renovations $0.34
Elk Neck State Park Improvements $0.24
Garrett County State Parks – Trail Construction $0.15
Western Maryland Recreational Access and Trail Restoration $0.15
Total (in millions) $5.09

Planned Park Improvement Projects

Project Title Cost
Critical Maintenance Projects $4.08
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park $2.68
Western Maryland Rail Trail Project $1.90
Total (in millions) $8.66

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