Thursday, October 25, 2012

Skills, Scale, Sustainability: In agriculture, business, and in life

A holistic approach for assessing and matching skills to appropriate levels of scale for
sustainability - in agriculture, business, and in life.

Join Shane J. LaBrake for a 3-day intensive workshop that blends philosophy and pragmatic advice with hands-on training and real-life problem solving as you develop your small-scale agricultural endeavors.  Based on lessons learned from a lifetime of work and travel in food and farming, Shane provides unique insights from his practical experience of reconciling idealism with the nitty-gritty, day-to-day reality of maintaining a viable and sustainable enterprise.  As we consider small farm design, we will address real life skills and knowledge that aspiring farmers need to know. On-site and hands-on demonstrations with scale-appropriate tools, equipment, and gear will allow workshop attendees to make better decisions for their own operations. Classroom lectures and discussions will explore the rhythm and evolution of a season, and offer tips and ideas for better management of time and resources.  Shane's unique approach will leave you informed and empowered.  He encourages holistic thinking and rational problem solving as opposed to hasty decisions based on emotion and circumstance.

"Design is the first signal of human intention." -  William McDonough

This class encourages thinking to clarify intention, and challenges the participants to create designs that will work for them.

Please dress for the weather and be prepared to be challenged and engaged.

A binder of readings and other resource materials will be provided to each participant.

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