Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free Kite Kit

My name is Monica Scherer and I work for Alaska Wilderness League, a non-profit conservation organization. We recently began a program we call Alaska Wild Educator Network which provides educators around the country free materials for them to use in the classroom to teach their students about the many unique ecosystems and animals of Alaska.

I am writing because I hope that an activity we are offering will be of interest to your members. On Monday, October 18th schools across the country will be celebrating 50 days until the 50th anniversary of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the far northeastern corner of Alaska by flying kites (mark your calendar for the Refuge’s anniversary on December 6th!). We would love to have your teachers and students be a part of the migration! We currently have schools in 13 states participating and I would love to get more states represented.

The kites are symbolic of the birds that travel through your state to the Refuge on their migrations every year. Click here to find out which bird connects your state with the Arctic Refuge! This offers a great way to teach your kids about migration, geography and could even make a great art project. We are providing FREE KITE KITS which include all the materials necessary for your students to build and fly the kites as well as a short DVD on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge which can be played for your students. Please email me back at with your name, address, and number of students if your class would like to participate and receive these free materials!

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