Monday, July 19, 2010

You can have a GREENER & LOWER eletricity bill

MAEOE is the latest non-profit in Maryland, joining the likes of MPT and Towson University to partner with Viridian’s non-profit fundraising program. It all started with deregulation. In 2006, energy de-regulation happened. Now you have the power to choose your own source of power. Companies like BGE are energy distributors. They don’t create power themselves. Instead they buy it on the open market. BGE is actually encouraging customers to exercise their choice. There are dozens of companies from which to choose ( . Many of the choices provide energy at costs lower than what you are currently paying. However, since deregulation, only 5% of Marylanders have chosen to take advantage of it. Have you? Only two, however, are green focused, Clean Currents and the Viridian.

What if that choice saved you money, reduced your carbon footprint and also helped:
- Grow Green Schools
- Support Teacher Training
- Establish Schoolyard Habitats
- Create an Environmental Literate Citizenry

Choosing Viridian Energy as your provider is safe, simple, and takes no more than five minutes over the phone or online. You'll still get one bill, and if you don't like the change, you can switch back any time. There are no contracts, no setup or cancellation fees -no risk at all to you.

When you switch a portion of proceeds is directed to MAEOE. However, any non-profit can also become a partner and raise funds to support its mission. This includes schools who are always searching for ways to raise money for projects associated with Maryland Green School initiatives. This is residual income that could be used to pay for busses to attend the Summit or materials to construct a rain garden. Best of all – students are not selling candy or pizza. They are helping people lower their carbon footprints and save money at the same time.

If you would like to setup a presentation on the non-profit partner program with Viridian – please contact MAEOE’s Viridian representative Elena Leneski –

You can also check out MAEOE’s page:


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