Tuesday, March 25, 2014

5 Questions with...MAEOE President Elect 
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Welcome to the second edition of "5 Questions with...". This week's special guest is non other than MAEOE President Elect Lisa Jones. Lisa's energy is contagious and her insight has provided MAEOE with guidance during both the conference planning season and as MAEOE makes decisions as an organization during the rest of the year. Her passion and dedication to environmental education will allow her to be successful as she takes over the MAEOE presidency in the coming years.

Lisa is from Owings Mills, Maryland. She received a B.S. in Human Development from St. Mary's College of Southern Maryland. Lisa has been working for Living Classrooms Foundation since 200 when she was the Program Director on Mildred Belle, and later became Director of Shipboard Education in 2001. When she is not working, she spends a lot of time rocks climbing indoors and out, playing with her dog Dewey, and just generally enjoying the outdoors. Thanks Lisa for all you do for MAEOE!

Without further ado, let's put Lisa on the hot seat for a few minutes and hear what she has to say about MAEOE and environmental education.

-What are your duties as a MAEOE board member?​

Whatever I'm told :)  I'm the President Elect so I serve on the Executive Committee and help make decisions to contribute to the success of MAEOE.  We don't currently have a Secretary and since I was in that role for several years, I continue to be our acting Secretary.

- How long have you worked in environmental education and in what roles? Do you have a favorite job that you've held?

I've been working in the EE field since I was in middle or high school.  I grew up going to 4-H camp and began serving as a youth leader there by around 13 and would always find a way to teach a few EE lessons at camp each summer.  Once in college my summer jobs were always camp based, mostly revolving around the environment to some degree.  I currently am the Director of Shipboard Education at Living Classrooms Foundation.  Regardless of where I've been teaching EE my favorite moments are when you realize the students finally "get" it.

- How can MAEOE grow outside of the conference and Green Schools Program/Youth Summit Day? How can MAEOE further impact the environmental education field?

If MAEOE was recognized state wide as the leader in EE I think we'll have done pretty well for ourselves.  Currently we're doing a great job of creating all sorts of "out of the box" partnerships that are expanding the reach of EE which I think is awesome!

- How can environmental education be a successful tool in combating climate change and widespread environmental degradation?

Awareness!  I think the students of today are starting to get the message and figure things out.  We need to come up with a way to get that message to the adults.  This could come from the kids taking the lessons home, or providing more educational opportunities for adults.  We can't wait for today's youth to grow up and solve the problems.

- What makes the MAEOE Board of Directors an effective unit?

Passion.  We are all dedicated to the cause and want to see MAEOE succeed in all its endeavors.  We aren't afraid to work hard, get dirty, or lose some sleep if a job needs doing.

- What's the best part about working with kids?​

Their unbridled excitement and sense of wonder!

Thanks Lisa! Do you have an interesting friend working in the conservation or environmental education field that would make for a great interview and provide some insight into their profession? Send us suggestions at communications@maeoe.org! Stay tuned next week for a new special guest. 

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