Monday, December 9, 2013

Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award Contest

The Chesapeake Stormwater Network (CSN) is proud to announce our first ever Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award contest!! The BUBBAs, as it is affectionately being called, aims to recognize the best urban BMPs that have been designed and installed in the Chesapeake Bay watershed within the past 5 years.

Basic Info

Competition Objectives
Many other organizations have offered LID design competitions to promote the implementation and adoption of LID practices in areas where they have not previously been employed. Here, in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, LID practices are more commonly employed as a result of stringent stormwater management regulations and the recently implemented Bay TMDL. One of the things we have seen here at CSN is that local implementers tend to lead the way in trying new and innovative approaches to dealing with difficult stormwater problems. For example, a retrofit constructed in an ultra-urban environment faces many more challenges than one in a suburban environment and there are many localities that have come up with effective ways for facing those challenges. The goal of the BUBBAs is threefold:
  • Recognize innovators in the field who are using new and innovative techniques for facing the challenges of stormwater management;
  • Provide an avenue for disseminating these techniques to other communities who could benefit from the lessons learned and innovative approaches;
  • Engage CSN's nearly 4,000 member network of stormwater professionals throughout the Bay watershed to promote interactivity among the members.

Award Categories
No two urban BMPS are alike! Each one is faced with a unique set of challenges and represents solutions for specific stormwater management goals. In order to recognize those unique solutions and promote their application throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and ensure broad participation entries will be accepted in the following six categories:
  1. Homeowner BMPs
  2. Innovative BMPs
  3. Best Combination of BMPs in a Series
  4. Ultra-Urban BMPs
  5. Best Habitat Creation in a BMP
  6. Best Stream Restoration

Winning the BUBBAs - $5,000 Grand Prize!!
Projects wills be reviewed by a handpicked jury of experts in Bay stormwater. Our jurors represent diverse perspectives in the field of stormwater management and can evaluate the project submissions according to the many objectives of a stormwater BMP. To learn more about our distinguished jury click here:
  • The top three finalists in each award category will receive certificates of recognition for placing as finalists in the award category and be featured on the CSN website.
  • Category winners will receive a free registration to the 2014 Bay-wide Partners Stormwater Retreat where they will be recognized at a swanky BUBBAs awards ceremony and will have the opportunity to network with nearly 100 federal, state, local and NGO leaders from across the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Learn more about the annual Bay-wide Partner's Stormwater Retreat here:
  • GRAND PRIZE = $5,000!! The grand prize winner will be chosen by CSN's network of more than 4,000 stormwater professionals in an online voting forum. The "People's Choice Award" winner will receive a $5,000 cash prize, free registration to the 2014 Bay-wide Stormwater Partner's Retreat and the respect and awe of the Chesapeake Bay stormwater community. Can't beat that!

Timeline - Contest Now Open!!
Dec 1, 2013          Contest officially opens
Feb 28, 2014         Deadline for submissions
March 2014           Judging begins
TBD, 2014             Winners announced at 2014 Bay-wide Retreat

How to Enter
For more information or to submit your project, visit the contest webpage at:

We look forward to your participation and please pass this along to your colleagues!

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