Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Maryland Green Schools - News for 2013 Applications
There are many existing federal, national, state, and local programs that can be used to multiple benefits to help schools achieve Maryland Green School Certification. As was announced this spring, MAEOE's Maryland Green School Program is now partnered with Eco - Schools USA, so many resources are available to schools through their 11 Pathways. Suggestions, details and links for programs will be included as an appendix to the Program Guide downloadable from the Green Schools Page of
Use existing programs to save time, and take advantage of tools and ideas without reinventing the wheel.

Program Name

EPA IAQ Tools for Schools
Indoor air quality
EPA Sunwise School
Sun Safety
EPA & DOE Energy Star for K-12 School Districts
Energy Conservation
FWS Schoolyard Habitats
Installing schoolyard habitats
DOE Wind for Schools Project
Windmills-renewable energy
USDA School Breakfast Program
National School Lunch Program
Wellness policy, nutrition education, physical activity
USDA Healthier US School Challenge
Nutrition education, healthy eating habits, physical activity, air quality

Farm to School
Maryland Farm to School (MDA)
Local fresh food
Eco Schools USA
11 Pathways
Keep America Beautiful Recycle Bowl
Recycling competition
Safe Routes to Schools
Walking, Biking, responsible transportation

Maryland State Health Improvement Process
Nutrition education, Farm to School, reduce obesity, access to healthy food
Project Citizen
MSDE recommends upper elementary/middle school student Investigation of an environmental issue (Interdisciplinary w/ social studies)
Maryland Asthma Control Program
Indoor Air Quality
Alice Ferguson Foundation: Trash Free Schools
Recycling, waste reduction
Let’s Move/Whole Foods/HBO
Salad Bars for Schools
Obesity prevention, healthy food
County Programs

Healthy Howard
Healthy Eating, physical activity
Healthy Carroll
L.E.A.N Carroll : Healthy Eating, Farm to School
Montgomery County Public School SERT Program
Energy use, recycling, conservation behavior and education
Audubon Greenkids Program
Environmental education and support for MDGS certification

*Involve students in implementation, education    
** Include nutrition and activity education for students

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