Thursday, February 16, 2012

Maryland Green Centers Show their Impact with National Geographic's FieldScope

MAEOE is collaborating with University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and National Geographic to develop a new digital tool for Maryland Green Schools and Centers. It will allow teachers, administrators, students, parents, policy makers and others to clearly see the extent of Maryland Green Schools and Centers and their tremendous impact on the environmental health of our region. It uses National Geographic’s user-friendly online mapping program called FieldScope. Maryland Green School and Center leaders and others involved in sustainability efforts will be able to input their data for their site, compare these data to other maps, and examine spatial trends. This effort is part of the Chesapeake-FieldScope User Group Project and is funded by the NOAA B-WET program.

Check out the preliminary Maryland Green Schools FieldScope Map at

If you have any questions send them to Cassie Doty at

1. We have thought up a few questions to explore with this new map, such as where are all the Maryland Green Schools with rain gardens, are there more Maryland Green Schools in wealthier counties, where is the closest Maryland Green Center? What questions would you be interested in exploring with the Maryland Green Schools FieldScope Map?

2. What would you need to explore these questions? This might include data, functions (e.g., graphing or measuring), or resources on green roofs or other sustainable practices, or something else. Be as specific as you can.

3. 3. Do you have any other suggestions or comments on this preliminary Maryland Green Schools FieldScope Map?

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